Join IGTC at Global Grain Geneva November 15-17

Join IGTC at the Global Grain Geneva 2022 this week. The purpose of the conference is to allow industry experts to discuss trade in an unprecedented...

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Registration open: IGTC General Assembly 2022, Brussels

IGTC’s 2022 General Assembly will be hosted by its European member association COCERAL from November 29-December 1.

Based at the heart of the...

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Letter to IGTC from Serbia Grains Association

IGTC member association Serbia Grains Association has communicated an update on the Serbia grains and oilseeds producing and trading sector. IGTC...

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2022 International Forum for Development and Investment of Modern Supply Chain of Food Held in Beijing

Article from IGTC member China National Association of Grains Sector (CNAGS):

The 2022 International Forum for Development and Investment of Modern...

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International Plant Health Conference (IPHC)

“Supporting food security through international grain and seed trade and investment” was the theme of an IGTC side event at the first ever...

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