IGTC Members

IGTC considers its members to be recognized trade associations and other non-governmental representative groups representing any segment or multiple segments of the grain, oilseed and other agri-bulk industries.

Benefits of IGTC membership

Members will find that their investment of time and money will provide for:

  1. Guidance that creates a policy platform enabling the industry to speak with one voice in international forums and venues in a way that materially impacts policy development.
  2. Efficient use of resources that reduces the burden on individual member organizations by leveraging expertise of the secretariat and individual member expertise across the world.
  3. Reducing risk and costs for the grain industry by reducing trade disruptions, a harmonization of rules and influencing practical rules and policy development

To summarize, IGTC membership gives members access to information and services which are very specific to the grain industry, and which are not available from any other trade association.

How to become a member?

Should you wish to become an IGTC member, please contact the IGTC Secretariat. Your request for membership must be received by the IGTC Secretariat at least 15 days before the date of the next IGTC General Assembly.


IGTC operations are supported by member dues and financial contributions are detailed in the IGTC Business Plan, available to all participants.