Africa Grains Weeks, May 2023

Grain trade leaders are now convening with EAC (East African Community) countries and SADC (South African Development Community), taking part in Africa Grains Weeks being held in Nairobi, Kenya (May 6-10) and Pretoria and Bothaville, South Africa (May 11-17). The events are bringing together producers, the commercial grain trade, and government officials to discuss issues affecting trade in the region, and how to improve trade relationships for the benefit of food security, sustainable development, and access to new technologies.


This week, the East Africa Grain Council (EAGC) organized programs on topics that included:

• The place of Africa, EAC, and Kenya in global grain trade.

• Opportunities for collaboration to address uncertainty and avoid trade barriers in international markets.

• Key concerns impacting global food security including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

• E-phyto adoption in the African continent.

• Challenges and opportunities for grain trade for Kenya, EAC, and Africa at large with the Rest of the World.

As meetings conclude this week in Kenya, the events will switch to South Africa where grain trade leaders will have the opportunity for additional business meetings and educational tours organized by SACOTA.