IGTC Prix d'Honneur awarded for services to the grain trade

30 November 2022


Notice to Trade: “Prix d’Honneur” awarded to recognise exceptional voluntary contributions to the international grain trade


During the International Grain Trade Coalition General Assembly of Members today, June Arnold was recognized with the IGTC Prix d’Honneur pour Service volontaire for her exceptional contributions in 2021. June, Head of Trade Policy at IGTC Large Multi-National Member the Grain and Feed Trade Association (Gafta), has a well-established record of supporting IGTC Policy Teams and Working Groups. Her leadership and experience from her work in United Nations venues including the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) was highlighted during the award ceremony. June joined previous honourees Krista Thomas of the Canada Grains Council (CGC) and Ricardo Calderon of Agricultural Product Providers Association of Mexico (APPAMEX) in receiving the “honorary award for volunteer service”.

The Award’s assessment criteria reflect accomplishment toward the aims of IGTC:  

·      Serve the greater good by promoting and facilitating the performance of the supply chain for grains, oilseeds, pulses and derived products.

·      Support accomplishments toward world food security and economic well-being goals as defined by the United Nations.  

·      Inform and promote the common/shared interests of international actors that include farmers, producers, exporters, importers, governments and consumers.

·      Foster a safe, predictable, sustainable, affordable, nutritious and secure food supply across the world.

·        Share critical research and expertise on the global supply chain.  

·      Serve the diverse needs arising from international provision of food, feed, transport and processing for grains, oilseeds, pulses and derived products.


During the 2022 General Assembly of Members the critical role of volunteers like June was recognised as central to IGTC success. The federation of non-profit organizations relies on a global network of volunteers to communicate the complexity of agricultural product supply systems, as well as to establish common positions on key issues impacting the global grain trade and providing education, capacity building and guidance to both public and private entities. IGTC seeks cooperation with commercial and governmental colleagues in its efforts to facilitate trade and support the large network of global actors and international logistics that moves more than 800 million metric tons of products for food, feed, and processing. 



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