Registration open: IGTC General Assembly 2022, Brussels

IGTC’s 2022 General Assembly will be hosted by its European member association COCERAL from November 29-December 1.

Based at the heart of the European Union (EU) institutions in Brussels, COCERAL will assist with a programme of activities for the IGTC global grain trade delegation.

Business and networking meetings will be an opportunity for IGTC delegates to discuss current priorities with supply chain partners, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), DG Agriculture, and other EU officials.

The optional social programme will be an additional way for international grain sector representatives to continue discussions and networking at the Bruges World Heritage Centre.

The annual General Assembly will see key governance decisions made to set the IGTC Business Plan for 2023, as well as the strategy for the medium and long term.

For registration and further information please contact the IGTC Secretariat Jacinta Mwau