IGTC features in a recently published book "Inside the Global Grain Market Grandad’s Story”

In mid July, Mr. Dennis Gordon Stephens published  a book called "Inside the Global Grain Market Grandad’s Story” on Amazon. It took Dennis about 16 years to finally type “the end”. Written for future generations, the book provides behind-the-scenes stories of an earlier era as seen through the eyes of a Granddad legend and expert in global grain trade.

The last chapter, Dennis returns to his roots to bring a Western Canadian perspective in a case study approach to illustrate to future generations, the importance of “Climbing Altitude” in their thinking processes when advising political parties and/or governments on how best to address public policy issues. Dennis focused on the perfect policy-storm now facing the world in 2022!.

Although much in the book is focused on Canada , the chapters on the Canada Grains Council and IGTC are of great interest to the Coalition Association.

For those interested in reading more, open the Amazon webpage and click “books” on the top bar. Type in the full name: Dennis Gordon Stephens into the search box. Scroll down and the covers of two books will show: “Grandad’s Story; Life Inside the Global Grain Market” and “Inside the Global Grain Market Grandad’s Story”. Click on the latter and the order page will appear.

IGTC wishes to thank Mr. Stephens for featuring the International Grain Trade Coalition and its member - The Canadian Grains Council in this nice read.

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