IGTC in action: Geneva meetings on E-Docs and phytosanitary issues

Representatives of IGTC Corporate Stakeholders, IGTC President Gary Martin, and Secretariat staff Katy Lee and Marcel Bruins have been in Geneva to meet the UN International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and World Trade Organization (WTO) in order to set the stage for work in 2016 on E-Phytos and the ISPM for grain. 

In addition, the IGTC's Working Group on ‘E-Docs’ met on Friday 12 February to discuss incorporating engagement with IPPC on E-Phytos as part of its 2016 work plan. With IPPC, the E-Docs Group will seek to provide for the official systems used to manage and convey phyto-sanitary certification to be trade-friendly and compatible with management of other documents essential to trade. Further information is on the IGTC Intranet here