IGTC Grain trade updates posted on the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF) repository

There has been a strong, collaborative and voluntary effort among the IGTC’s global constituency during the Covid-19 outbreak to share information about the impacts on the crops that are the foundation of the world's safe, predictable, sustainable, affordable and nutritious food supply. From March-August 2020 “real-time” updates were provided provided by importers, exporters, and users of grain, with no preference for geography or market position.

The IGTC’s global reporting index, originally intended for the sole use of IGTC Members and Stakeholders to foster global awareness of potential trade implications, has now been recognized by the Global Alliance on Trade Facilitation (GATF) and included on its Covid-19 “repository” that is managed together with WTO, WCO, UNCTAD, and others (link to website: www.tfafacility.org/covid19-trade-facilitation)