Registrations now open: 2017 International Grain Trade Coalition General Assembly, November 16 - Washington, D.C.

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IGTC's work with the WTO on e-Certs

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About Us

The International Grain Trade Coalition

The International Grain Trade Coalition (IGTC) is a not-for-profit association whose purpose is to convene significant expertise and representation to provide advice on the commercial requirements and economics of the world’s food, feed and processing industries from a global perspective.

Trade associations and councils around the world working to support trade of grains, oilseeds, pulses and other agri-bulks join forces under the guidance of their more than 8000 members in 85 countries who are Corporate Stakeholders in IGTC.

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Participate in IGTC

Participate in the IGTC


For-profit entities supporting IGTC are welcome to be identified as IGTC Corporate Stakeholders and help guide our work.  Trade Associations and Councils working to support international trade of grains. oilseeds, pulses and other agri-bulks are welcome to apply for IGTC Membership. IGTC also seeks Partnership with governmental bodies, other international interest groups and academic institutions. Please contact us at: to begin your participation with IGTC.  

Latest News


Global Low-Level Presence Initiative (GLI) moving forward

The 15 government members of the GLI have endorsed a statement on “practical approaches” to LLP in the supply chain, following the acceptance “ad-ref” of the statement at the June 2017 GLI meeting in Rome (document here). The title of the statement is “Principles, Criteria and Practical Approaches for Addressing Low Level Presence in Food and Feed Trade of Plant Material” and contains possible approaches by governments and industry as practical means to address LLP occurrences before they occur. A renewed work plan is now being agreed among GLI member governments, with a focus on communication, risk assessments, compliance measures as well as a review of legislative and regulatory frameworks to assess compatibility with the measures suggested in the statement on practical approaches. The next GLI meeting is tentatively scheduled for Q2, 2018.

EU Commission High-Level conference on modern biotechnologies

Dr. Teresa Babuscio, IGTC Vice President and Secretary General of COCERAL, spoke on the panel alongside MEPs, EU Commission officials, NGOs and other industry representatives at the day-long event on Thursday, September 28. The meeting was organised by the EU Commission following the publication of an explanatory note on “New techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology” by its Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) in February 2017 (here).

In her speech, Dr. Babuscio outlined the important role of the international trade in providing knowledge and expertise to support sound, science-based decision making. Importantly, Dr. Babuscio also reminded the audience that the EU is operating in a global market and that policies are needed to avoid trade disruptions as traders work to efficiently move product to where it needs to be, in accordance with consumer demands. The full COCERAL statement can be read here. More about the conference here.




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