International Grain Trade Coalition (IGTC) information sharing amid Covid-19





IGTC expresses solidarity with all of those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and recognises the vital work that is taking place to maintain essential infrastructure including access to healthcare and food.  Consistent with the aim of IGTC’s work and in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have further mobilised the significant representation and expertise of our global grain trade constituency to focus on minimising the potential impacts on the global trade of grain, oilseeds, pulses and derived products.

IGTC is holding a Round Table every Thursday to share grain trade developments amid the Covid-19 pandemic. All Corporate Stakeholders, Participating Stakeholders, and member associations have representation on the calls.

Key items under discussion include:

  • Operations and Logistics
  • Government policy
  • Outreach and Communications

IGTC is gathering both "member only" updates and those that can be considered public. Information that can be shared more widely will be updated below:


  1. August 5: Grain Trade Australia updates here and here (April 17)
  2. July 7: Updates from the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) here (July 7), here (June 3), here (25 May), here (9 May), here (9 April), here (1 April), here (24 March).
  3. May 26: April 15: Updates from the Brazilian Associacao Nacional dos Exportadores de Cereais (ANEC) here (May 8), here (April 15) here (April 14) and here (31 March)
  4. May 26: Update from the China National Association of Grains Sectors (CNAGS) here (25 May) here (May 8) here (May 1), here (April 23) here (April 16) and here (April 9).
  5. May 4: UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) big data tool to respond to Covid-19 here
  6. April 30: Advice from the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) to national NPPOs on phytosanitary control and plant health here
  7. April 29: Update from the Argentine chambers of the oilseed industry and cereals exporters (CIARA-CEC) here and here (April 16), and here (April 3)
  8. April 22: WTO joint statement signed by 26 countries “Responding to the Covid-19 crisis with open and predictable trade in agricultural and food products” here
  9. April 20: Information on the measures in place in Russian Federation here
  10. April 20: Letter detailing the measures of the Government of Philippines on maritime vessels here
  11. April 15: Update from COCERAL, the European association of the grain trade and agro-supply here
  12. April 8: Update from Grain Trade Australia (GTA) here
  13. April 3: Update from US Coast Guard on Maritime Safety here.
  14. April 1: IGTC letter on phytosanitary certification contingency planning to International Grains Council (IGC) here.
  15. April 1 2020: IGTC Notice to Trade on avoiding disruptions in trading documentation here.
  16. March 25: Update from ANACER, Italian Associazione Nazionale Cerealisti, here.
  17. March 25: Update from the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) here.
  18. March 24: Update from South African Ministry of Agriculture here.
  19. March 23: Update from Argentinas oilseeds and cereals exporters industry here.

For more information contact the IGTC Secretariat.