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IGTC Newsletter 20 December 2017

Happy holidays! It has been a pleasure to work with you in 2017! If you have not received a copy of our annual activity report please contact the IGTC Secretariat. We look forward to further mutual successes in 2018. The latest edition of our events calendar is here


January (TBC 9th, 10th or 11th): LLP Policy Team call

Team Lead Tyler Bjornson (CGC) will guide discussions, to be scheduled during the second week of January. If you would like to join please indicate your availability in Doodle poll here.

January 22-26th: IPPC global ePhyto symposium - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 3rd IPPC Global Symposium on ePhyto will take place in Malaysia and is themed as “ePhyto and Trade Facilitation”. IGTC will make a presentation along with other industry representatives and National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs). 

January 25-26th: Paris Grain Day 2018 - Paris, France

Over 250 delegates will attend this international event. The ambition is to make a contribution to the grain industry. Each “chapter” of the event will finish with an audience vote to determine views and expectations. See www.parisgrainday.com  

February 28: MRL Policy Team Call

Team Lead June Arnold (Gafta) will guide discussions. To join the Policy Team, contact the Secretariat  


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Beijing workshop: IGTC policy on plant breeding innovation

IGTC welcomes emphasis on transparency, predictability, and sound science in WTO Ministerial statement

The IGTC welcomes the recognition of transparency, predictability and sound science in the “Joint Statement on Trade in Food and Agricultural Products” that was signed by 17 governments at last week’s 11th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11) in Buenos Aires.

The direction and intent of the Joint Statement (here) is generally in-line with IGTC policy document (here) on the implementation of official measures on crop protection products, notably:

  • Call for governments to ensure sound scientific basis of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures
  • Importance of transparency and predictability in MRL setting
  • Support for greater harmonization across national and regional MRLs
  • Central importance of risk analysis
  • Need to reinforce the work of relevant international standards organizations
  • Support for WTO Member countries’ use of existing international MRL standards to reduce the occurrence of MRL-related barriers to trade, without requiring WTO Members to change their appropriate level of protection of human, animal or plant life or health

picture: © WTO/ Cuika Foto

Thanks to Dr. Marcel Bruins

We express our gratitude to our friend and colleague Dr. Marcel Bruins for his 3+ years of service to the IGTC. A plant breeder and passionate advocate for the grain trade, we were able to achieve key successes thanks to his work. A personal message from Dr. Bruins is below, including his contact information

As some of you may know, I will be ending my activities with the IGTC by the end of December 2017. I started back in Oct 2014 with the goal of bringing IGTC closer together, which till then had operated as a sort of loose coalition. The aim of that first year was to provide a legal basis by incorporating the Coalition as a formally established non-profit organization, based in the global hub of the grain trade: Geneva. Legal incorporation of the IGTC was also a necessity for engagement with several intergovernmental organizations such as the IPPC.

In that first year we have written the articles of association, organized the foundation General Assembly, and several Assemblies after that, set up the various policy teams and made a start with revamping IGTC’s website. After that first year, I have continued as chief science advisor for both NAEGA and the IGTC, leading the plant breeding innovation and the ISPM teams. Both teams, and in fact all of IGTC’s projects, have made great progress, with lots of tangible results to show for. It has been a pleasure seeing IGTC grow, become stronger and spread its wings. Having such strong global representation is crucial if you wish to have any chance at making policy changes to facilitate the grain trade. I know it can sometimes take a long time, but that’s just the nature of this business. [click here to continue reading....]

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