IGTC participation in “Sustainability in the Grains Value Chain” webinars with the International Grains Council (IGC)

“Sustainability in the Grains Value Chain” was featured and advanced on Thursday 5 January, 2023 during a second webinar addressing sustainability hosted by the International Grains Council (IGC).  The International Grain Trade Coalition (IGTC – www.igtcglobal.org), IGC’s grain industry partner, supported the webinar with speakers from its global network. Current information on actions, plans, policy and innovations incorporated into the sustainability journey of commercial actors and governments was shared. The nearly 100 registered participants from around the world gained an expanded understanding of:

  1. Impact of expected changes in policy and practices on access to supplies and international trade and investment.
  2. Key influences and steps being taken to maintain a reliable, resilient, responsible, and competitive market as industry addresses sustainability.
  3. Priority considerations and contingencies providing for the movement and commerce of grains, oilseeds around the world from geographies with surplus to those with deficit.

These IGTC industry volunteers provided formal remarks:

From a "Global Perspective"

  • Gary C. Martin, IGTC President
  • Megan Rock, CHS Vice President, sustainability and innovation and chief sustainability officer (CSO)
  • Katy Lee, Director, Agriculture Dialogues International (ADI)
  • Gavin Allwright, Secretary General, International Windship Association
  • Tomas J. Erickson, Erickson Law & Consulting, PLLC/IGTC Legal Counsel reflecting Environment, Social and Governance Policies

From a more "Regional View"

  • Cleber Andrioli, Chief of Sustainability (CSA), Viterra Brazil on behalf of the Cereals Exporters’ Association of Brazil (ANEC)
  • Flora Dewar, Director, Trade and Logistics, European association of trade in cereals, oilseeds, rice, pulses, olive oil, oils and fats, animal feed and agrosupply (COCERAL)
  • Gerald Masila, Executive Director, Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC)
  • Gustavo Idigoras, Chairman and President of the Argentine Chambers of Cereals Exporters and Oilseed Industries (CIARA-CEC)
  • Pat O’Shannassy, CEO, Grain Trade Australia (GTA)

Please join IGTC throughout 2023 as we continue to research opportunities, share information and develop programs to support global food security with sustainable international grain trade and food systems!