Successful IGTC Strategy Session with global grain trade leaders in London

IGTC members and Corporate Stakeholders travelled from Argentina, Australia, Canada, EU, Kenya, Mexico, Singapore, Ukraine and USA to participate in the IGTC’s Strategy Session on Monday 18th June. 

The London meeting was a timely opportunity to discuss global issues impacting the grain trade including:  

  • Cartagena biosafety protocol
  • Plant breeding innovation
  • Low level presence
  • Electronic trading documentation
  • Maximum residue limits
  • Phytosanitary control measures

Policy discussions were chaired by IGTC Vice President Iliana Axiotiades (COCERAL). Participants made recommendations for IGTC action, particularly on grain trade messaging and communication with governments as well as actors in the agriculture value chain. 

A report detailing the outcomes of the meeting will be circulated by E-mail to all IGTC full association members and Corporate Stakeholders.