IGTC workshop: Do international rules-based systems work for the grain trade?

IGTC panel, 20 June, IGC conference

IGTC speakers and banner, IGC conference June 2018

In the context of the 2018 International Grains Council (IGC) conference, the IGTC led a workshop on 20th June for the 55 IGC government members, focussing on opportunities to promote expansion, openness, and investment in the grains sector. The audience included the governments of Australia, Argentina, Russia, South Africa and USA, as well as grain trade companies and industry groups.

Questions from the floor responded to themes raised by the IGTC such as the role of an international rules-based trading system; the importance of science-based decision making in SPS measures; and regional trade agreements. The speakers (pictured) were as follows:

  • Gary C. Martin, President, International Grain Trade Coalition (IGTC) 
  • Gerald Masila, Executive Director, Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC)
  • Pat O’Shannassy, CEO, Grain Trade Australia (GTA)
  • Javier Ocampo, Trade Policy Analyst, World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Amy Reynolds, Senior Economist, International Grains Council (IGC)

The presentations from the workshop can be read here, for further information see the website of the International Grains Council: www.igc.int   

The workshop followed an address given by IGTC President Gary C. Martin at the IGC governance Session on Monday 18th June.