Grain trade provides expertise at IPPC Latin America ePhyto workshop

The IPPC’s regional workshop on ePhytos for Latin America and the Caribbean was held last week (11-13 September) in Buenos Aires. The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness about the global ePhyto initiative among 19 National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs), and to drive implementation of ePhytos in the region.  

The grain trade was identified as a source of industry expertise for this meeting and consequently three IGTC members/Corporate Stakeholders were invited to make presentations:

The event was led by the Argentine NPPO, SENASA, and other speakers included IPPC, the UN Computing Centre, and the ePhyto Steering Group. 

The IPPC's ePhyto Hub is now open for all governments to join. Resources to support NPPOs in signing up can be found on the IPPC's website: