The IGTC led a session on current global policies impacting on the grain trade at the annual NAEGA-APPAMEX forum this week. The Forum gathered...

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Update: IPPC Expert Working Group on the ISPM for grain

The IGTC was in Melbourne, Australia last week to attend the meeting of the IPPC’s Expert Working Group (EWG) on a new ISPM for grain. 

The IGTC held...

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Update: IPPC Expert Working Group – ISPM for grain

The IGTC will be in Melbourne next week to support an international Expert Working Group in the drafting of a new International Standard for...

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IGTC attends IGC Market Conditions Committee, London

The IGTC will be present at the Market Conditions Committee of the International Grains Council (IGC) in London this Friday, 9 September, in order to...

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ISPM advocacy strategy

Pest risk assessment and the identification of import requirements are just two of the issues under discussion at the at the IPPC’s Expert Working...

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