IGTC event: World Trade Organization

10 November, 2016: the IGTC has welcomed an audience of governments and international decision makers to a seminar entitled "the grain trade’s contribution to global food security and economic development” at the World Trade Organization (WTO). The event was attended by WTO Agriculture and SPS Committee members, and chaired by Canada and Brazil.

The full set of IGTC speaker presentations, which addressed food security, plant production methods, phytosanitary issues and electronic trading documentation, is here.

The IGTC’s speakers were Grain Trade Australia, COCERAL, IGTC/NAEGA and Cargill, following a call for volunteers launched in September. Read more about our presenters here.

The ultimate aim of the session was to highlight the importance of the grain trade in securing safe, affordable, reliable, fungible, supply; as well as contributing to food security, promoting resource use efficiency, and economic growth.